Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning Services

Keep your trees looking healthy with our tree trimming services

Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning Services 

Urban Arborist offers a full range of professional tree trimming services to improve and maintain the health of your trees. Pruning is the most common maintenance procedure performed on trees and each cut has the potential to change the tree forever.  It takes several years of class room and hands on training to become a skilled and proficient pruning technician.

Our field arborists are trained to prune in accordance with the ANSI standards but all have to be accountable to the critical eye of the owner, Chuck Schiek.  Mature trees require pruning to remove deadwood or dying branches to maintain safety and health of the tree. Pruning to thin the canopy (to remove live branches) is only done when the trees canopy is too dense or heavy. 

When crown thinning is required, live branch removal is concentrated on the outer portions of the canopy leaving as much of the live interior branches as possible.  Our certified arborists are trained to determine what type of pruning will best suit your trees as well as your needs.  

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It’s not very often things happen right the first time and even less often things go well enough that a person might be prompted to write and express his pleasure at the welcome outcome. This is one of those times for me. Chris Mest was wonderfully informed, and both patient and forthcoming as we discussed what needed to be done with my trees. On the day of the pruning, Felipe and the rest of his crew, were courteous, professional, hard working and neat as pins. And the results are outstanding. The trees look better, the patio gets more sunlight, the whole yard feels airier and I no longer have to dodge low hanging limbs as I mow the lawn! Your people did a terrific job. Thanks to all of them. You can bet I’ll be recommending Urban Arborist at every opportunity. John G.


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