Selection of plant for the front yard of your house is a not an easy job for amateurs in this field. We beautify out homes with expensive paints, decorate the rooms with luxurious furniture’s but all goes in vain if the house does not have a perfect landscape. You have to be extra careful when selecting the plant as it takes time and labor to make a plant grow. Here are some essential facts you have to keep in mind during plant selection

Characteristics of the Plant: It is the most critical criterion you have to keep in mind. There are many species which will appear as tiny and little sprouts when you go to a nursery to buy it, but during maturity, it will turn into a massive tree which will break the foundation of your house. So it is advisable always to study the characteristics of the plant you want to buy in advance otherwise you may have to repent later.

Climate Zone: Every plant is not suitable for every region. Sometimes we travel somewhere for an outing and buy a flowering plant from nursery without knowing its proper zoning. Don’t go by the words of the shopkeeper or the tag of the plant. Plant encyclopedia is best for best for crosscheck these aspects.

Design effect: When planting the sprouts you should keep in mind that we should not dig haphazardly. If we have a front yard in shape of half circle we can start with a row of seven plants, then five, then three and end up with a single plant in front. If it is in a rectangular shape, we can plant with even spacing. Always keep a handbook which will guide you about the minimum spacing needed for the specific plant.

Color Effect: It also plays a significant role in the enhancement of the elegance of your yard. Always try to select a plant whose color is in contrast with the Outdoor paints as it will complement each other. For example, if your outdoor color is yellow you can select a plant with orange-red petals. Ordinarily, gray, silver and black colors are used as backgrounds, and the front section is decorated with dark and vibrant colors. For example Lavender, Sages fall under silver color group, and red background can be used for the equivalent effect of the color combination.

Selection of variety: If you don’t have much space for your garden you should put for climbing plants. Long walls can be decorated with them, and you can hide visible wall cracks by them. Flame Vine, Coral Pea Vine, Jasmine can be used for this purpose. Some have pleasant fragrance too. If your yard is under a shade, don’t panic, unplanted the Daphne, fuchsia, Heuchera. They require minimal sunlight for the living and make your life easier. It is always advisable not to use big trees in front yard. It is best for the background that is if you have enough space behind your house and you are quite sure that it’s roots and branches will not reach the building are you may plant a tree.

Soil and water: Different plant needs the different type of soil and watering. For example, adding organic matter will make the land more porous, and it will increase the drainage capability. Frequent watering is always good for plants than using a large quantity.

These upper mentioned six aspects are vital when choosing the plant for your yard and proper fulfillment of these criteria will surely take the look of your yard and eventually your house to another level in everyone’s eyes.

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