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Plant Health Care – Insect and Disease Management 

Insect and disease management starts with maintaining plant health and vigor. In this area there are very few insect pests or diseases which will single handedly attack and kill a healthy tree.

Generally it is a combination of stresses which cause the tree to decline making if vulnerable to secondary vectors which ultimately are the demise of the plant.  When it is necessary to spray a tree to control a disease applications need to begin before signs of the disease begin to show up. 

When you are spraying trees to control insect pests they generally need to be present  at the time of application.  Our certified arborists can set up a monitoring program to identify infestations before they reach damaging levels.  When control treatments are necessary Urban Arborist can apply environmentally safe products which will effectively suppress insect populations.

Technician administering an insecticide to a large bur oak tree to prevent insect infection.

Apple Leaf Scab – Common Tree Disease That We Treat

HTI soil injection
Tree Disease - Apple Leaf Scab
Apple Leaf Scab Close Up

These trees were planted too deep and have girdling roots. We use a tool called an air spade to excavate the soil without damaging the roots. We assess the situation and decide what further steps to take.

Girdling Roots
Girdling Roots7

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It’s not very often things happen right the first time and even less often things go well enough that a person might be prompted to write and express his pleasure at the welcome outcome. This is one of those times for me. Chris Mest was wonderfully informed, and both patient and forthcoming as we discussed what needed to be done with my trees. On the day of the pruning, Felipe and the rest of his crew, were courteous, professional, hard working and neat as pins. And the results are outstanding. The trees look better, the patio gets more sunlight, the whole yard feels airier and I no longer have to dodge low hanging limbs as I mow the lawn! Your people did a terrific job. Thanks to all of them. You can bet I’ll be recommending Urban Arborist at every opportunity.

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