Lake Forest, Illinois

Lake Forest, IL Tree Care Service

Urban Arborist offers a full range of tree care service to keep your trees healthy. These include tree pruning, tree fertilization, and other tree care techniques, such as tree removal when necessary. We only remove trees when absolutely necessary for your property and plant life.

Best Tree Pruning Service

Pruning is the typical upkeep treatment carried out on trees and each cut has the possibility to alter the tree forever. Our service techs have the education and know-how to properly prune your trees. Older trees need pruning to get rid of nonessential or dying branches to maintain safety and wellness of the tree.

Proper Tree and Shrub Fertilization in Lake Forest, IL

Tree fertilization is very beneficial in keeping your trees healthy. If fertilizer is not replenished, the tree and shrubs will leach nutrients through the soil and deplete the soil of nutrients. On the flip side, over fertilization can damage your plants. Our certified Arborists are trained to recognize nutrient deficiencies, and will determine how, why and when your plants need to be fertilized.

Maintaining Proper Soil Biology

Urban Arborist utilizes biologicals, such as microorganisms, vertebrates, earthworms, fungi, bacteria, and more to maintain the proper nutrient balance of the soil for your trees and shrubs. An ideal soil is comprised of 50% soil, 25% macro pore space and 25% micro pore space. These living things are absolutely essential in providing your plants with the moisture and nutrients they require.

Mulching Protects Your Trees

Mulching protects your trees in multiple ways. It provides a barrier between the tree roots and external objects that could damage the roots. When properly done, mulching will improve your trees root system by maintaining a more consistent soil temperature, retaining moisture, and encouraging microorganism activity.

Careful Tree Removal Service

We prefer not to remove trees, but at times, it is necessary. The tree may be hindering growth of surrounding plant life, and it may be best to remove the offending tree. We take care in removing trees, ensuring that the surrounding area remains intact.

Cable and Bracing to Preserve Your Tree

In large trees, high strength steel cables are installed in the upper crown of the tree to reduce movement and lessen the risk of primary branch failure. Weak or damaged limbs can be braced to prevent large branch failure.

Managing Insects and Disease for Your Tree in Lake Forest, Illinois

The first step in managing insects and disease on your tree is to maintain a healthy tree. When your tree is healthy there are only a few insects, pests, or diseases which can single handedly attack and kill your tree. Usually, it takes multiple stresses to impact a tree, causing it’s health to decline, then making it susceptible to insects or disease.

It is wise to minimize infestations and disease. As part of our tree care services, we not only maintain the health of your trees, but we monitor for insect and disease presence, and rid your tree of these, before any damage results.

About Lake Forest Illinois

Lake Forest is located along the shores of Lake Michigan, just north of Chicago, and is part of the Chicago Metropolitan area. Lake Forest is one of the wealthiest cities in the US, with a population of about 20,000. The city was founded around Lake Forest College in 1857 and developed as a rest spot for travelers moving south towards Chicago.

Lake Forest is part of Chicago’s fancy North Shore suburban area, attracting wealthier residents with fancy homes tucked under lush green forests on large expanses. Lake Forest also has one of Illinois’ nicest beaches and a charming downtown.

Downtown you can find Market Square, one of the nation’s oldest outdoor mall areas. The first Marshall Field’s was located here (who was a prominent Lake Forest resident). The stores are a bit expensive, but are friendly and fun to shop, even if it is just window shopping.

Being mainly a residential community, there is only one hotel within the city limits, but there are several name brand hotels in nearby communities.