Wauconda is a village which is 36 KM away from the city of Chicago. It is situated in the Illinois, United States of America. The area of the town is about fifteen square km and a population of approximately 13000. 1 mayor, 1 clerk and other 6 Board of Trustees forms the local administration of the village.1st and 3rd Friday of every month are reserved for village meetings and rest of the Tuesdays of the month for whole meetings.

Air Estates Inc Airport is the only airport in this area. But the main attraction of this place is in the Bangs Lake. Trading of goods and amusement activities like swimming or boating are significant. The lake house is a perfect destination for nature lovers to spend a refreshing and peaceful weekend.

As per local beliefs, it got the name ‘ Wauconda’ from an Indian chief named ‘Wakanda’ which means the spirit of water in his native language. It is said that he was buried beside a natural lake (Bangs lake) in Illinois and that is the reason of this terminology. The Banged Lake was named after Justin Bangs, the first to settle here in 1848.Hazard Green was the first postmaster of this village. From the formation of a postal area to the establishment of the church, school houses all happened here almost in the mid-nineteenth century. It started its journey with a population of Two hundred only.

The most important landmark or place here is Wauconda Bog Nature Preserve. It has a span of 67 acres of land. The Wisconsin glaciation which happened nearly 85 to 11 thousand years ago is responsible for the formation of this wetland. A rapid change of weather caused the changed pattern of the plantation, and consequently, accumulation and pollen under the peat occurred. This wetland is not that much accessible to general people although a national highway connects it to Chicago.

The weather of this village is kind of a cool. On average Wauconda gets 187 days with bright sunlight every year. Average tempered in January is about -10 degrees Celsius and during June it is highest about 28 degrees Celsius approximately. In winter snowfall is observed.

Brothers Matt and Adam Engers met Andrew Morrison, and Nick Vombrack are the residents and students of Wauconda High School. They formed a band named “Dr. Manhattan ” which became famous worldwide

Wauconda area library is a member of NSLS ( North Suburban Library System).Though it was established in 1939, it emerged as a public library district in 1988.In 2005 it was crowned with the library of the year award by NSLS.

area of Wauconda. A farmer’s market is situated beside it, and during festive season different types of plantations are displayed and auctions you have never seen. If you plan a trip to Wauconda, there are many hotels here for your comfortable staying.

Although this place got a harsh climate with sever snowfall during winter which lowered the comfort index a bit to 42 (USA’s average is 54), it has high historical and geographical importance with a high biodiversity. That makes Wauconda different from all other places.